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Real Estate Auctions

Judicial and Extrajudicial

Speak the same language and give all the necessary legal and administrative support to people who want to live, rent or invest in real estate arising from auctions: this is the proposal of MMT Advogados.

The performance in this area is complete, starting from the choice and study of the property, going through the necessary legal procedures, until the handing over of the keys to the bidder.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We provide consulting side by side, day by day, so that the client feels comfortable in their decisions.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Transactions

As the market is resuming its growth in the real estate sector, the firm is prepared to receive such demands, through the following topics:

We are a family owned and operated business.

- Real estate transactions;

- Advice on mortgages, deeds, bonds, insurance and title policies, research and legal descriptions;

- Representation of the client's commercial interests, such as real estate investment opportunities, construction and real estate development and compliance with governmental codes and laws;

- Monitoring of acquisitions, sales, leases, land use, zoning, financing, mortgages and other commercial real estate matters.


Disputes, obligations, damages and property

MMT Advogados acts in all areas of Civil Law, providing full assistance to our clients in the preparation and monitoring of judicial and extrajudicial measures, such as:

- Civil liability actions in general;

- Indemnity actions and compensation for material and moral and aesthetic damages, emergent damages and loss of profits;

- Collection and recovery of credits in general;

- Attachment and constriction of debt guarantee assets;

- Search, seizure and recovery of assets;

- Elaboration of Contracts, contractual disputes, Inventories, listing of assets and shares.


Respondents and Complainants

MMT Advogados has a wide practical experience, focused on offering differentiated services and solutions - based on its experience and technical knowledge, in several ways, such as:

- Proposition of Labor Actions;

- Advice on labor litigation for companies;

- Provision of monthly labor consultancy;

- Provision of preventive consultancy focused on Strategic Labor and People Management, with the commitment to build with clients, processes adhering to the strategic objective.


Bids, Public Contracts, Mediation and Negotiations

Always striving for the good development of the client's contractual objectives and goals, MMT Advogados offers an effective and personalized administrative work, focusing on the initial monitoring of bidding procedures, through judicial and extrajudicial measures when necessary, as well as providing monthly and monitoring contractual relations and their various ramifications, including economic and financial rebalancing procedures.


Miranda, Magalhães & Theodoroviz Advogados Associados, created under the new perspectives of Brazilian Law, excels in providing excellent legal services in several areas, including legal correspondence.
In this way, the correspondence services are provided in the mold and within the time that the client needs, with the most rigorous quality control in the demands requested to our office.

Hearings, Due Diligence, Protocols

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